What would I need to have done for changes in teeth after braces?

I have had braces for 6 in a half years. I had them removed about 2 years ago and just recently started to not wear my clear retainers. I have noticed that a top tooth has protruded out a bit not noticeable unless by a trained orthodontist and myself. Along with a bottom tooth in the same situation. My question is would I have to get braces all over again to correct what is wrong with those two teeth? Or what are some appliances I could use ask for to help mold my teeth back. ( my current retainers have warped and do not fit) thank u.

Answer: changes in teeth after orthodontics

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

Your situation is very common. There are many adults and teen that discontinue wearing their retainers after some time and end up with teeth shifting. The amount of relapse (movement) you have had will determine the course of treatment required. Retainers only retain the teeth in the current position they are in. Sometimes if it is a small case of orthodontic relapse, an orthodontist can make an appliance to shift those teeth back. There is also Invisalign Express, which uses the same technology to move the teeth with a series of clear plastic aligners. The treatment is usually 6 months or less and is offered at a discount compared to the Invisalign full case fee. If your orthodontist is in the area, schedule a consult appointment to see what services can be provided to you. From here you can make a decision that best suits your need and will have you loving your smile again.