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  • Can braces cure TMJ Disorder?

    I've been having problems with my jaw lately and it's been hard to eat. I've been to the doctors and they said that if I go to a dentist, they will likely recommend me braces or a night guard. I was just wondering, can braces actually cure my TMJ...

  • Can I put my elastics on my 2nd premolar instead?

    I lost the buccal tube on my first molar. I’m instructed to wear class 2 elastics. I fear that if I stop wearing elastics then my treatment will be prolonged. I’m still on my second week. Can I put my elastics on my 2nd premolar instead?

  • Wisdom tooth sockets

    I had my wisdom teeth removed last Friday. I notice on the bottom right, that the socket itself is packed with something. Is this meant to come out with time or will the socket heal over with this inside? Also, what happens if this stuff that the...

  • Open Bite Due to Short Nightguard

    Hello, Is it possible to fix an open bite caused by a short night guard that does not cover the back molars? Apparently my back molars erupted and now they are the only point of contact when I comfortably close my bite. This makes chewing difficult...

  • Can my gums grow underneath my braces?

    I take very good care of my teeth and just recently went to the ortho and they didn't mention this at all. But I noticed that I think my gums are growing underneath my braces in the back of my mouth between a tooth and my molar band. How do I fix...

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