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  • #8 Tooth Crown

    My 18 year old son has beautiful teeth. His #8 tooth had trauma about four years ago and he got a root canal and now its getting darker and darker. His pediatrict dentist told him maybe wait to get crown or until it starts cracking. It has chipped...

  • Denture relining mistakes or not

    When having dentures relined, dental assistent toook upper plate and put liner material in upper plate then put put to upper gum and held in place until dried. Took outupper and then repeated the lower the same way. I asked the assistent(the doctor...

  • Abroad with permanent retainer which is coming loose, am I able to get it fixed?

    I am in the USA, and have a permanent retainer on behind my teeth. I can feel one of the brackets becoming loose and i\'m worried about it coming off as im here for another few months. I don\'t want to wait till I get home because it would be...

  • Will I have gaps in my teeth?

    I\'m getting braces soon and my orthodontist said I have slight gingivitis in my bottom gums due to my 100% overbite. I never really noticed before but my front teeth are kind of loose so my question is, when I get my braces off will I have those...

  • Can Invisalign be used with crowns and missing teeth?

    I am a 62 year old female. I have overjet, gaps in my top teeth, crowns, one missing tooth and several fillings. I hate my smile and was wondering if invisalign would work for me with crowns and etc.? Thank you.

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