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  • How to get rid of toothache

    I have a gum that is swollen and it's pushing against a tooth and I want to get the swollen gum to go away cause it hurts so bad I feel like crying. I have tried everything it is and nothing helps and if it does it's for a short period

  • Issue with the shape of my gums on my top teeth

    I have quite small teeth so I went to a dentist to see if getting my crown lengthened was an option but he said that I do not have enough bone under my gums to do the procedure, something a long the lines of my teeth will become loose. However now...

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity after gum surgery

    HI, I recently had the 1sts of 4 quadrants of gum surgery. They cut the gum (flap) and cleaned. Now that tooth is extremely sensitive to cold and hot. Particularly cold to the point where it is hard to drink. I am now questioning whether I should...

  • implant specialist for low sinuses

    My dentist says I need a specialist for an implant because my sinus is too close to the gum line for him to do it. Where in the US is the cheapest place to get a special implant? It is a molar on my right side that has been missing for awhile.

  • What can I do if im unhappy with my teeth after braces?

    Hi I just got my braces taken off and I have had braces for almost 2 years. My teeth are still cricked after braces and I’m unhappy with them. They left my top tooth pointy and my top and bottom teeth dont touch. My bottom teeth are sideways and...

  • Can springs fix an 11mm overbite?

    My orthodontist said after I get braces and bands that I can optionally get a 10-12 hour jaw reconstructive surgery to fix my 11mm overbite. Why can't I just get springs to fix my overbite? She said that my bands won't fully fix the overbite, but I...

  • Ways to be put under for oral surgery?

    Is there a way to put someone completely under without a needle before an oral surgery? Last time I went to have my wisdom teeth out they used gas but before I was completely out they stuck a needle in my arm which caused my anxiety to cause a...

  • Can my issues be fixed by switching orthodontists? 20 months in braces, not satisfied!

    Good Morning, I have had braces for 20 months, but my orthodontist told me I would only need them 3 months! I basically was a relapse case. I had Invisalign in 2007-2008 to close a gap in my front teeth, and a permanent retainer was affixed to...

  • I have to re-do my crown 11 weeks pregnant

    So I’ve been having gum pain in between my tooth and the tooth with the crown and the dentist told me that my crown was not properly fitted so bacteria is leaking inside and I most likely have an infection down below. I also have gingirifros I...

  • Is it normal for the incision in my mouth to be leaking yellow fluid?

    About 5 years ago I had a surgery on my jaw. I had a metal plate inserted into my chin area and after five years my incision is leaking yellow fluid and it smells awful. Is this normal or should I be going to my surgeon to check on my incision?

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