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  • Does This Root Canal Have Abscess?

    Please verify if n21 tooth has suffered a root canal abscess. Thanks kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 

  • Can I put my elastics on my 2nd premolar instead?

    I lost the buccal tube on my first molar. I’m instructed to wear class 2 elastics. I fear that if I stop wearing elastics then my treatment will be prolonged. I’m still on my second week. Can I put my elastics on my 2nd premolar instead?

  • What is this strange localized swelling on my inside lower gumline?

    Im not sure what this swelling is on my gum? It appeared a couple weeks ago. Hasn't gotten any bigger, hasn't shrunk. It causes no pain or discomfort. It fits perfectly under my partial denture which i have worn for 8 years. I've had poor teeth my...

  • How do I become a pediatric dentist?

    How do I become a pediatric dentist I would like to know because I want to grow up and be one I want to help other children and children with special needs I love to see other children happy but want to know how to become one

  • Rate of increase in implant costs

    Has there been any recent studies of the rates of increase in dental costs or charges? If I was to set aside money today for implants to be completed in 5 years, how much more would I need today to cover the costs in 5 years using past rates of...

  • 20 years post O Surgery, can a mandibular extraction cause TMJ

    I am 20 years post Orthagnathic surgery. I needed a molar to be extracted on lower right. I had terrific pain in my left jaw during extraction. i have worked in the dental field for decades. I asked the doctor to please section my tooth at that...

  • Is Invisalign gentler on your teeth?

    Hello -Does Invisalign cause less root shortening (root resorption) than braces? -Compared to braces, can Invisalign move individual/specific teeth and put less reciprocal pressure on neighboring teeth? Thanks Ben

  • How old do I have to be to have SARPE?

    Hello -For a male who was done growing, height-wise, by age 15, is 19 too young to have S.A.R.P.E.? -Could a patient possibly not get as good of a result if he has S.A.R.P.E. before his mid-palatal suture fused and/or if his lower jaw isn't...

  • Is this a dry socket, something else, or normal?

    I have had little to no pain, no bleeding, no trouble eating or talking. Had wisdom teeth removed on Monday, all pain was gone by the next day. I was eating normally, following instructions I was given, and have followed the healing process of it...

  • How long until my mouth goes back to normal after wisdom teeth extraction?

    I got all four of my wisdom teeth out exactly one week ago, and I'm still having the aching/soreness/pain in my lower jaw as if I got them out yesterday. I guess I have a few questions regarding the healing: Is it normal for me to still be in...

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