The wire in my braces is turned.

I got my wires adjusted a couple weeks ago. A few nights ago I felt something make a "pop" sound in my mouth. I was afraid i had broken my wire, so I started checking to make sure everything was okay. When I tried to close my mouth, my teeth wouldn't sit comfortably. So I looked in the mirror and saw that the end of my wire on the bottom left of my mouth had turned. I can twist the wire back in the correct position, but when I eat, it turns again. I am able to move the end of the wire and turn it up and down kind of. But it isn't broken or loose or disconnected. Could you please tell me if this is normal or not?

Answer: Broken wire

By Sarah h

It is not normal to continue to have to re-position a wire on your own. It sounds like there is a disconnection somewhere. A bracket may not be broken, but the ligature or elastomeric tie that holds the wire in place could be broken or missing. This will allow the wire to continue to move and could create incorrect movement amongst your teeth. It is best to get in to see your orthodontist as soon as you can. Moving the wire on your own may seem like a simple task, however it will become problematic or an annoyance at minimum.