Shrunk Retainer problem

I am wearing a retainer now..i mistakenly wash it with hot water..and it become shrunk but still fit me..but only thing become tight back as how it was when i took it from my dentist for the first my question is..should i order for new retainer or i can continue with this? Thanks in advance..

Answer: Shrunk retainer

By Sarah h

It is hard to say that the fit was not compromised when you submerged it in hot water. It would be a good idea just to schedule a visit with your orthodontist for a retainer check. To be sure that it fits completely and is not putting too much pressure on teeth and creating movement. Sometimes even though we think it may fit the same, it could be slightly off and can cause shifting, that can be avoided by simply having it checked. It is okay to rinse it in hot water, but never to soak it since it is just plastic. Hot water will jeopardize the integrity of the material long term.