Rubber bands causing severe pain

I am 16 years old. I have had rubber bands for about a month and ever time I wear them I get a really bad head ach and sevier neck pain. Is this normal? And can bands even cause this pain? This has caused me to not be able to focus in school and much more. So if this is possible that bands can cause this would you please let me know. My orthodontist thinks I’m crazy. Thank you

Answer: Pain With Rubber Bands

By Sarah h

The orthodontic rubber bands can cause headaches and mild pain, usually an over the counter anti-inflammatory will alleviate the pain until your bite adjusts. The rubber bands are used to completely shift your bite into Class I molar occlusion, so it is not uncommon to have these symptoms. Try taking an over-the-counter medication in order to alleviate the symptoms and maintain a soft diet if possible. If you are still having pain after several days, contact your orthodontist for a lighter gauged rubber band to begin with, then gradually increase the gauge giving your mouth ample time to adjust. This could delay your treatment, however it will make you more comfortable.