My dentist keeps threatening to remove my braces because i keep breaking them

My brackets keep breaking and for a while my molar bands too. however, the molar bands were my fault because i kept chewing gum, which i have stopped. however, my brackets keep breaking and i don't eat anything i'm not suppose to. instead, they break when they get too pressured by food pressing down on them when i chew. my dentist threatened to remove my braces if i kept breaking them a while ago and since i got back from the dentist most recently, i have broken one and another is kind of loose but is still partly glued to the tooth. what should i do?? my dad already tried talking to the dentist about it, which ended really nasty. that and because i keep breaking my braces, everyone at the dentist hates me and is slightly rude to me. i don't know what to do. i've had braces for 5+ years already and my teeth only really started improving this year. what is the best way i should handle this situation?

Answer: Removing Braces Because of Breakage

By Sarah h

It is unfortunate that you are not having an excellent experience while building your smile. Traditional orthodontics requiring full bands and brackets may require several lifestyle adjustments in order to maintain compliance. This can be challenging but necessary in order to continually progress forward with treatment. Being honest about your compliance initially with your orthodontist and staff may allow them to see that you are more focused with your treatment now and are truly concerned about the breakage. This could create a better relationship and a happier healthier journey to a beautiful smile. Due to the fact that your father previously tried to sit down and speak with the office and it was unsuccessful, maybe an email or handwritten note would be better. In the meantime, you need to have the bracket looked at, having it loose will only delay your treatment. Stick to a semi-soft diet. Try to avoid biting into foods. Cut food into bite size pieces. Avoid all candy, gum, popcorn, bones, chewy fruit snacks, etc. Maintain excellent oral hygiene as well.