My DDS did my braces wrong

My dentist said he was certified to put braces on. After 7 months my bite is terrible when before it was just fine and my front gap was not closing. He only put brackets on my front 10 teeth so my molars were being pulled out because the brackets were not put on on all my teeth. He's a DDS and wanted to perform a frenectomy on me as well. Is this allowed? Since he did it wrong and I have to go to an ortho to get it fixed can I ask for my money back?

Answer: DDS did braces wrong

By Sarah h

A general dentist is legally allowed to perform a frenectomy, however, if you are uncomfortable with the treatment you have received, it may be best to seek services elsewhere. You should trust your provider and be confident in the treatment you are receiving. As far as asking for your money back since you are being referred to a specialist now, is between you and the dentist. Sometimes when a general dentist refers you to a specialist to help correct something already treated, they are able to work out a discount for you or credit you what you paid towards the treatment. This is not always the case, as dentistry in general is not an exact science and sometimes a procedure can require additional steps to reach the required goal.