Mouth Guard!

hello, I have 2 orthodontic appliances I need to wear for 5 years before braces, twin blocks and elastics for 4.... one is a clear mouth guard very similar to a sport one, and one is a dental trainer or myobrace. I must wear the clear one during the day and both at night, and I can only remove the clear one once a week for brushing, I have to eat with it. is this normal? I'm very embarrassed about wearing a bulky rubber mouth guard to school.

Answer: Mouth guard

By Sarah h

The myobrace appliance is used to correct myofunctional habits during development and place slight pressure to realign teeth without the need for traditional braces. It is only meant to be worn 1-2 hours a day and overnight. This appliance is not fabricated to withstand chewing forces, as you will not properly be able to break your food down for digestion with the plastic appliance in place. You should be brushing your teeth more than once per week especially with appliances in, as they tend to create changes in saliva flow and can collect plaque. It may be best to schedule an additional appointment with your orthodontist for clarification of the instructions on both appliances.