Maryland Bridge replacement

I have had a gold Maryland bridge for 30 years, teeth 29-31. 31 is the full crown. I am having sensitivity in and around 31 and cannot chew on it. What treatment options do I have? It seems such a waste to remove the entire bridge. I am 62 and live on a fixed income.

Answer: Maryland Bridge Replacement

By Expert 10

It is important to have tooth #31 evaluated with a radiograph in order to determine what is causing the sensitivity and biting discomfort as soon as possible. Sometimes these symptoms can indicate that the bite if off or that there could be recurrent decay or an infection in or around the tooth. Once the treatment for tooth #31 is determined it will give you a better idea of the options for saving the bridge or restoring it with an alternative restoration. If addressed immediately, its possible that the tooth and existing bridge may be salvaged or repaired. Most dentists are able to meet your dental needs and budget with a suitable restoration.