Fractured tooth with gum growth

Hi I am have had two root canal treatments of my second molar tooth next to wisdom tooth and i had a bridge on it. Recently i have had chips of tooth breaking off from the hole created on the crown for the second root canal treatment and today the bridge came off while eating. I could see my tooth below gum line but it has multiple flaps of gum on it covering it. Could you tell me if there is something to be worried about cause Im really scared of going to the dentist. Recently I have started to feel senstivity in this tooth. Im an 29 years old and have no other signs. My first molar got removed ages ago so had to get a bridge on it.

Answer: Fractured Tooth With Gum Growth

By Sarah h

When drilling through a porcelain crown or bridge to perform a root canal, there is a risk of fracturing the porcelain or the crown/bridge coming off. This doesn't always mean that it has to be redone, however sometimes it is best. Remember, healthy teeth don't need root canals. Since you are saying that you can see that the tooth is below the level of the gum tissue and that it appears the tissue has grown over your tooth, the bridge most likely was loose for some time. Having the bridge come off will allow the dentist better access to complete the root canal, as well as remove any decay under the bridge. More than likely, you will need a new bridge. Do not be scared or hesitant to return to complete your treatment. The tooth needed a root canal because it was unhealthy, so this is the best time to ensure it is caries free and that the restoration fits well and will protect your tooth long term.