Lost Bridge Options?

I lost my bridge yesterday from lower back: molar/false tooth/pre-molar. Recementation is not an option as the pre-molar is mostly gone. Are there any other options, other than a new bridge or a partial? Possible to cement the molar, then use metallic filling mixture to cement the cap (over the old, gone pre-molar)side to the side of the pre-molar in front of it. The reason for that suggestion is that I have a front lower bridge "temporarily" cemented using that mixture to my capped eye teeth from whence the bridge broke -- 18 years ago! It has held that long. Help!

Answer: Lost bridge

By Sarah h

If you have the bridge and did not swallow it, make an appointment with your dentist. They will need a dental X-ray to determine the amount of healthy tooth structure remaining. Sometimes there is enough tooth structure to perform a root canal and place a buildup and post. This will allow more tooth structure to cement the bridge. Many offices are now amalgam free and amalgam does not work as a cement. If the tooth is built up and other than the bridge coming out it is still a solid restoration, the dentist may be able to retro fit the bridge and recement it after the post and core buildup is placed if needed. Do not wait to make the appointment as the teeth will begin to shift and you risk the possibility of the bridge no longer fitting properly.