is it possible that a mollar doesn't want to move in the right position ?

Ii wear braces for 19 months now. Doctor in the beginning told me my treatment will be 18 months. Now I am concerned that my last molar from lower jaw (right side)it is not moved until this time. It's the thing that when Ii bite down this molar is not properly sitting, meaning Ii can feel almost all surface of the molar even though , the teeth should enter one into one. (when they are in straight position or straightened )

Answer: Molar Doesnt Want to Move

By Expert 10

When a treating dentist or orthodontist provides you with your treatment estimate and length, it is truly an estimate. Unfortunately, we are human and our teeth are unpredictable. Sometimes, the length of treatment can be shorter or longer due to complications or an uncooperative tooth. It is best that you direct your question and concern of the lower right molar to the treating dentist or orthodontist. It is common that adjustments be made during the course of treatment. Do not wait to have the lower tooth looked at if you feel it is the only tooth in occlusion (touching when closed), this can cause hypersensitivity or inflammation of the surrounding ligaments. It is best to schedule an appointment to address your concerns and correct them sooner rather than later.