Is glueing a denture plate onto implant posts a normal procedure?

I had 5 implant posts implanted in my lower gum at the end of last year. I was told I was going to be fitted for a denture plate after the healing process. The Dental Office told me it would snap in and would only be able to remove by them. I agreed to the procedure and when they went to set the impressions the conversation among themselves was the Oral Surgeon squeezed the fifth implant in my gum line. This in turn changed the procedure to them gluing the Denture Plate to my implants. My question for you is is this a normal type of procedure to glue dentures on top of implant posts. Thanks for your time, Harold

Answer: Implant Supported Denture

By Sarah h

I have not heard nor do I have experience with a glued in implant supported denture. Usually the implant supported denture locks into place with male/female attachments and o-rings. These rings are replaced periodically over time when it loosens. A fifth implant would seem to give it more support, and most surgeons will not compromise space when placing implants. Before the denture is glued into place, you may want a second opinion. Several questions you may want to ask are as follows. If there are any issues, how will the denture be removed without fracturing it? Will the cement wash out with out over time being exposed to the harsh conditions of the oral cavity.