After having all 21 teeth removed is it normal

My wife had 21 teeth removed he had to remove some bone because the infection had gotten to it She had to take teeth out the 1st night. She has Percocet an also has from pain Dr for back hydrocodone (narco) also is taking Levaquin antibiotic. I had talked to the dentist the following day on phone but was almost home by then. I know she (patient) said hurts more than it has yet. Uses ice pack. Rinse warm salt water an a medicated mouth wash. Dentist said not to worry bout putting them back in wait for her appointment. Please help

Answer: Normal after 21 Extractions

By Sarah h

After 21 extractions it is normal to feel discomfort. Pain medications should be used as needed. Everyone heals at a different pace, so it is difficult to give a timeline or expectations. Proper rest and nutrition is key throughout this process. You will see your dentist several times over the next few months of healing and recovery. It sounds as though your wife is taking very good care of herself after the surgery with the use of an ice pack, getting rest and rinsing with both warm salt water as well as medicated mouth rinses. It is expected that she will have a moderate amount of swelling over the next 48-72 hours, so much so that she may not be able to get the denture to fit back in her mouth comfortably. Do not panic, as this swelling begins to subside, she will be able to place the denture and wear it for several hours a day. The most important thing is to stay positive. Losing your teeth can be a very emotional process. Take each day as a learning experience, this transition is difficult and takes time to not only adapt to a denture in your mouth, but to slowly learn to talk and eat as well.