How Much Are Braces in Chicago?

dear doctor my name is eliana i dunno english coz im lebanese,i have greencard and my language is french.. i have a probleme in my teeth,so the doctor told me taht i have to put a bracez for my teeth but the question for u is how much exactly the cost of bracez in chicago illinois???waiting for your answer..thank you very much..

Answer: How Much Are Braces In Chicago

By Sarah h

It is very hard to give an actual cost for orthodontics in any state. Many orthontists are in network providers, or contracted with insurance companies.  Once participating in  these dental networks, they are required to charge a fee set by the insurance company.

Each individual case may also depend on the length of treatment as well as the type of brackets or treatment desired. There are traditional metal brackets, ceramic brackets, lingual placement of metal or ceramic brackets, Invisalign, and 6 month smiles to name a few. The average cost can be anywhere from $3500 for traditional metal brackets and bands to up to $5000 for Invisalign or ceramic brackets.  The option for lingual braces may cost upwards of $8500.

Ask your general dentist for a specialty referral to a recommended orthodontist.  Usually consultations are provided free or at a low cost.  This will allow you not only to meet with the orthodontist and staff, but also give your treatment options along with cost.  Once you have committed to treatment, financing and payment options are discussed.

While many times we often think orthodontics are to simply improve the esthetics of our smile, it is much more.  Straight teeth are healthy teeth.  Not only will the health of your teeth and gums improve, but having your teeth in proper alignment will save you from having to restore your teeth down the road as a result of occlusal trauma or malocclusion.