Does it look like my daughter needs braces?

My daughter has some spacing in her teeth. Some misshaped teeth and her top and bottom row doesn’t match up and I wanted to know from the looks does it look like she needs braces? She also bites down on her jaw alot

Need Braces?

Answer: Orthodontic Consultation

By Expert 10

Its hard to diagnose from the picture alone, with her mouth open and not in centric (closed and relaxed) occlusion. It appears from the picture that she has most or all of her permanent dentition. This is the perfect time to schedule a complimentary consultation with a preferred orthodontist in your area. Its not clear what you mean by "biting down on her jaw a lot", however I am assuming it means her bite is different than yours and its possible that it feels uncomfortable to her. Spacing and small or misshaped teeth are cosmetic, however if she is in malocclusion, these can all be addressed with orthodontics. Most orthodontists will evaluate your daughter at little to no cost to you. It is always a good idea to get more than one opinion prior to making a decision with treatment.