Can the hard cement stuff on my back top teeth that I got after I got my braces be removed ?

I just went to the orthodontist and got my braces but he put some white hard stuff on the back top teeth one on each side and it's hard to eat and it's really uncomfortable so I was wondering if it was really that necessary to have it? It feels awful and I really want it to be removed.

Answer: Bite Turbos

By Expert 10

More than likely you have a deep posterior bite, also known as vertical overlap. This type of malocclusion is twice as common in Caucasians than it is in African-Americans or Hispanics. A deep bite can be acquired or developed. An acquired deep bite is a result of early loss of deciduous teeth, severe occlusal wear, or a lateral tongue thrust. It may also be developmental from a horizontal growth pattern, supra erupted incisors, or infra eruption of molars. In order for the orthodontist to place brackets on both your maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) arches, they have to open the bite. Bite turbos are placed on the occlusal (chewing) surface of the teeth in order to open up the bite and prevent the brackets from being knocked off. Unfortunately, these are necessary for your treatment at this time. If the condition is not properly treated it can lead to excessive attrition, periodontal defects, and palatal trauma in the future.