Can my gums grow underneath my braces?

I take very good care of my teeth and just recently went to the ortho and they didn't mention this at all. But I noticed that I think my gums are growing underneath my braces in the back of my mouth between a tooth and my molar band. How do I fix this?

Answer: Overgrown Gingiva

By Sarah h

Gingival overgrowth or enlargment is also known as gingival hyperplasia. This means that there is an increase in the size of the gums and is more than likely an inflammatory response. It can be induced by certain prescription medications and poor oral hygiene to name a few. Try using a water pick with salt water to irrigate around the bands. It will reach just below the band and into the sulcus of the tissues surrounding the bands. Since you stated you take good care of your teeth, your tissues may simply be inflamed as a response from the metal band surrounding the tissues. If there is no bleeding, there is more than likely no infection present. It would be a good idea to mention it to both your dental hygienist and your orthodontist at your next visit if it does not resolve on its own or worsens.