Can I get a new temp. bridge?

I just had 9 implants put in my lower jaw with a temp. bridge, however the bridge is very ill fitted.. the teeth come to much forward and are to high through out the bridge so that when my face is relaxed it feels like my jaw is clenched which is causing discomfort in my jaw and keeping me from eating normally, should I ask for a new temp. bridge?

Answer: A New Temporary Bridge

By Sarah h

You should have a post operative appointment or follow up with your dentist scheduled. This is the perfect opportunity for the dentist to ask you how you are feeling, look at your healing, and check your temporary. Many times the temporary is fabricated prior to the implant placement, so it is normal for adjustments to be needed.  Implants usually take 3-6 months to fully integrate with your bone and be ready for final restoration. You definitely want to be comfortable during this period, so does your dentist.  Keep in mind that temporaries, are exactly that, temporary. They should be comfortable and functional with a decent amount of esthetics.  Your final bridge will be fabricated from an  impression of the implants placed in your mouth with a bite registration (how your teeth close together)  and a model of your opposing teeth. The lab will process this information and make a beautiful restoration that will last you many years to come, as long as you do your part with homecare.