Can braces cure TMJ Disorder?

I've been having problems with my jaw lately and it's been hard to eat. I've been to the doctors and they said that if I go to a dentist, they will likely recommend me braces or a night guard. I was just wondering, can braces actually cure my TMJ and help my jaw get back into place ?

Answer: Braces and TMJ Disorder

By Sarah h

Many temporomandibular joint disorders are a result of malocclusion or a clenching/grinding habit. When the teeth do not properly occlude, unnecessary stresses are placed upon the teeth causing wear on the joint. This can also result from a clenching and/or grinding habit. These habits cause the teeth to prematurely wear and the result is a collapsed bite. In order to prevent the wear on the teeth, collapse of the occlusion, and TMJ disorders, orthodontics is recommended. With proper occlusion, your symptoms should subside. Your dentist may also recommend an occlusal guard to wear during the evening or other restorative treatments after orthodontics. Waiting will cause further damage, it is best to seek out your options for treatment now.