A question about my braces

Hi there! I currently have braces and I'm scheduled to get them off in 2 months. However, I have small concerns with my teeth. Before I got my braces, I had a bad crossbite, but now it is corrected and my bite is great. My concern is that my midline doesn't match up; could this be a result of my crossbite that I had prior to treatment? I have never worn elastics or had to because my bite was corrected with the rectangular wire I have in now. Also, on one side it appears that my teeth look slightly higher than the other side. Could this also be because of the crossbite/how my jaw is?

Answer: Adjustments Before Removal

By Sarah h

As long as your maxillary (upper) midline lines up with your nose, your midline is considered correct. Most of the time, the maxillary and mandibular midlines do not line up with each other. As far as your teeth looking higher on one side than the other, that is an issue with the cant. You may want to discuss this with your orthodontist to see if it a bite issue or cosmetic. Sometimes, a cosmetic recontour of the enamel can correct the cant. This procedure is commonly performed and makes a beautiful difference at the end of treatment. Discussing these concerns now may allow you to stay on track with your deband in 2 months. However, waiting may likely delay or lengthen your treatment time.