Yellow Stains, and Smelly Mouth

Dear sir, greeting!! I'm having problem of yellow stains teeth and sometimes I feel like my mouth smells. I have already applied home remedies,but i still have problem. It even is difficult to smile in public because of yellow teeth. I want to know how much it costs to treat teeth and get rid of mouth smelling problem. I would be greatful if you give me advices on removing yellow stains form teeth and smelling mouth. Thank you, Mahendra.

Answer: Routine Dental Care

By Expert 10

More than likely you have not been to your dentist regularly. When visiting your dentist and dental hygienist regularly, extrinsic stains plaque, pellicle layer, and tartar buildup is removed, then the teeth are polished and flossed. Seeing your hygienist every six months will greatly reduce the amount of stain adhering to your teeth, keeping them whiter and brighter. If you have good oral hygiene, there are many whitening systems available both over-the-counter and in the dental offices. Usually the smell you are experiencing if from the bacteria in your mouth, if the bacterial count is not reduced by the dental hygienist, the periodontal disease process begins. Periodontal disease is not curable, however it can be managed. So I advise you to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to have a full periodontal assessment and to begin treatment if needed.