Tongue lump

My 18 month old son has a pea sized lump on the side of his tongue near the back. It is pink, fairly hard and moveable (like on a stalk). It is not inflammed looking. It has just appeared in the last week or so.

Answer: Lump On Tongue

By Sarah h

If your son is teething, he may have abraded the area when chewing on a toy or teething ring. It may just be simple scar tissue. Continue to watch the area for size, changes in shape or color and consistency. If you notice any differences record them with a brief description. It is recommended to schedule an appointment with the pediatric dentist to have the area checked and a biopsy if needed. With him being so young, more than likely it is just tissue that will resolve on its own or can be removed with a laser if it becomes bothersome to him.