Receding gums 3 years after jaw surgery

Hi my Daughter had double jaw surgery to correct her bite , the surgery was a success , she went through a good year of recovery after the surgery and has great teeth. However 3 years later she has developed receding gums on front teeth of lower jaw, can this be dew to the operation and took its time to develope, or general gum decease. She keeps her teeth in pristine condition so how can gum desease be an issue. Please could you give me some info on this Thankyou

Answer: Receding Gums after Jaw Surgery

By Expert 10

The most common cause of gingival recession is gum disease. Since you mentioned your daughter takes great care of her teeth, this is most likely not the cause. There are other causes as well. Over aggressive brushing with a medium or hard bristle brush as well as rough or aggressive flossing can cause trauma to the tissue, creating recession. Be sure to use a soft bristle tooth brush and proper flossing technique. This can be demonstrated by her dental hygienist at routine visits. Its also suggested to not chew on pencils, fingernails or other sharp objects that can cut the gingival tissue. Many times thin, fragile or insufficient gingival tissue may be hereditary. This could lead to premature recession as well. If you feel that none of these could be the culprit, you may want to schedule an evaluation with a periodontist, or gum specialist. They may be able to screen her for any additional risk or health factors that may be contributing to early gingival recession.