is my condition a gingivitis? how dangerous is it?

Good day Doc! how dangerous is a lump or bump in a gum beside a teeth that seems to grow everyday? it hurts when touched. What should i do? the bump appeared a small white at the top and is smooth. It seems to cover the wisdom tooth where it is located . The bump seems to attach from a. white vein where my other wisdom tooth was removed. Thank you in advance Doc.

Answer: Gingivits

By Sarah h

What your describing doesn't sound like gingivitis which is essentially inflammation of the gingiva, this is a generalized condition. You describe more of a localized problem area, near the wisdom tooth or teeth. Many people do not have enough room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth to fully erupt and maintain good oral hygiene. When wisdom teeth are partially erupted, however hindered by the adjacent tooth, a pocket can form between the tissue and partially erupted tooth. Small particles of food become trapped in this pocket, which is unable to be removed during brushing and flossing causing a small infection, known as pericoronitis. This may happen once or frequently until the wisdom teeth fully erupt or are removed. The condition is easily diagnosed and can be resolved temporarily with an antibiotic and chlorahexadine gluconate rinses.