How old do I have to be to have SARPE?

Hello -For a male who was done growing, height-wise, by age 15, is 19 too young to have S.A.R.P.E.? -Could a patient possibly not get as good of a result if he has S.A.R.P.E. before his mid-palatal suture fused and/or if his lower jaw isn't finished growing? Thanks Ben

Answer: Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion

By Expert 10

Surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion is performed primarily on adults whose palatal sutures have fused and can no longer be expanded via other techniques. The age will vary by patient. Usually this is a combined surgical and orthodontic procedure. There is no reason to go through the procedure if the suture isn't fused, as there are other expansion techniques available for use. The best option right now is to schedule an orthodontic consultation in order to determine if the procedure is necessary and if your a candidate. You may qualify for alternative procedures or may need to wait until you are done growing and revisit it if necessary.