Gum disease

I am a 57 year old female. I have Periodontitis (gum disease).. and my front teeth are straying.. I have always had an overbite, but now the teeth are twisting and more pronounced (they stick out more).. Is there some kind of retainer or any other treatment that might help temporarily as this condition is not likely to improve...

Answer: Gum Disease

By Sarah h

Unfortunately bone loss is a direct result of periodontal disease.  The more bone loss, the more rapid the teeth movement.  Once bone is lost, it cannot be replaced vertically, only horizontally when replacing a socket with a bone graft after an extraction. The first thing that needs to take place once diagnosed with any type of periodontal condition, is to make an appointment with your dental hygienist in order to have the condition assessed.  Once this takes place, a treatment plan is formulated and discussed.  This will arrest the condition, keeping it manageable, however it cannot reverse it.  You are not alone,   gum disease affects approximately 80% of the adult population in some form.  It begins with gingivitis, the inflammation of the gingiva, which is reversible with proper treatment from a dental hygienist and good home care.  Once you have been treated with your dental hygienist, the periodontist or dentist may opt to splint your teeth together in order to stabilize them before determining the dental restorations for you. In the meantime, stay away from crunchy and hard foods.  Eat small bite size pieces using utensils instead of biting into foods in order to keep pressure off of them through transition.