Denture relining mistakes or not

When having dentures relined, dental assistent toook upper plate and put liner material in upper plate then put put to upper gum and held in place until dried. Took outupper and then repeated the lower the same way. I asked the assistent(the doctor was not there at this time of procedure) wasn\'t she suppose to do both at the same time\' bite down to line up the teeth, plate, and gums and let dry and set up enough to have every thing perfectly in line. She said no, so I asked for the Dr. to come back in and asked him if her procedure was right. He then took the top and put in in but had one little burr he took off.. ok. Now the lower goes in tight as heck. Asked me to bite down and my rear upper back and lower back tooth touched first making a gap between my upper and. lower on the other side enough to stick the tip of my tongue through.Told him no way anything would have worked the way she did the procedure and everything would have worked if it was done right and he said to come back in two days and they would have then right and they were not when I came back but they were still ruined. I had a copay with my insurance. Would that be rite way or wrong way. Leaveor have new dentures for mistakes or mot. THANK YOU

Answer: Denture Reline

By Expert 10

Having your denture relined is usually a beneficial procedure that reduces your need for denture adhesives. In general an impressions is taken with a polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) material placed on the inside of your denture, then placed in your mouth. This will allow the dental lab to then fill in these void areas with a hard acrylic, much like the denture base, forming a more snug fit. There are also chair side reline materials that allow the dentist to skip the impression step and directly place the reline material into your denture then place it in your mouth for the final set. This material tends to be softer and many times can be removed if absolutely necessary. It is unfortunate that your experience was not a good one. Unfortunately, depending on the material used for the reline, it may or may not be able to be removed in order to save your denture. If it was a hard reline, your denture will need to be replaced. When relining the upper and lower dentures, they should both be done at the same time if possible, otherwise, the bite will be incorrect because the opposing dentition or denture is missing. This creates a high or open bite. It may be best to consult with the dentist after the 48 hours he is suggesting. More than likely the dentist will see that your dentures are now ill fitting and will correct it.