Dental bonding removable?

I recently got dental bonding between my two front teeth to fill a space between them. I asked the dentist if I could have it removed in about a year and then have invisibility put on. He said that removing bonding is very difficult to do and that he probably would not be able to do that. I thought dental binding was fully removable, is there a reason why he thinks this?

Answer: Removing dental bonding

By Expert 10

When placing a bonded resin, the tooth must be prepared, usually removing some of the natural tooth structure in order for there to be enough bonding surface. So while it is possible to remove the bonding, it will be hard to remove and return it to the exact way it was before it was placed. This can be even more difficult if the shade of the bonding is a very close match with your natural tooth structure. So while not impossible, it is not an easy task by any measure. If you are unhappy with the proportion of the front teeth, it will be easiest to remove the amount of bonding needed to maintain the proper size and shape you desire, then correct the alignment with Invisalign.