Canker Sore Gone Rouge

So for 4 weeks I've had this gone rouge canker sore. I'm getting it surgically removed in 2 months. It's so noticeable although it's in the inside of my bottom lip. I also wear bottom retainers and that makes the pain 2x worse. What can I do to reduce it or completely remove it. I've tried staying away from sugary or acidic food but that doesn't help, please help me. I'm scared it'll bust and leave a forever mark on my my mouth.

Canker Sore

Answer: Aphthous Ulcer

By Sarah h

Recurrent aphthous stomatitis is a common ulcerative inflammatory condition of the mouth. It is referred to as RAS. The lesions appear as small, painful, round or ovoid ulcers and usually start in adolescence. Recurrent Aphthous stomatitis is diagnosed from history as well as clinical features, with a positive family history. Not all recurring ulcers are RAS, so it must be determined if there is an underlying systemic disorder. Some common causes of RAS include psychological stress, nutritional deficiency, dietary allergies, trauma and genetic susceptibility. If you are under high stress, trauma or not eating properly, try treating that condition as well. Ulcers with similar characteristics that rarely resolve spontaneously with age are usually indicative of a systemic condition such as an auto-immune disorder. Once diagnosed with RAS based on clinical features and history, topical corticosteriods can be prescribed and remain the treatment of choice. Prior to surgery, a corticosteroid may be an option.