Can I get composite veneers if a have a deep overbite?

If I have a severe over bite can I still get 'composite veneers?' Everyone calls it something different but the place I'm going to calls it composite veneers. I don't want the porcelain. Anyway, I wouldn't say my teeth are crooked on top. They are slightly misaligned but you can't always really tell. My overbite is just bad I guess. They say the only way to fix the overbite is braces. But I don't care to fix my overbite. & although this might sound crazy, i don't want braces. All I want is the shape of my teeth corrected. Will they still reshape/correct my teeth with composite veneers despite my over bite?? Or will they automatically refuse because my overbite absolutely "NEEDS" to be corrected?

Answer: Composite Veneers with Deep Overbite

By Sarah h

If the dentist that you are seeing has recommended composite veneers and you have accepted treatment, it sounds like you are a good candidate. The reason it is best to correct the position of the teeth prior to cosmetic work is to increase the longevity of the restorations and avoid breaking them. Composite veneers are usually fabricated in the office on your teeth by the treating dentist. They are a designed by the dentist placing a photosensitive soft hybrid material on the tooth which is bonded in place and cured or hardened with a curing light. Composite veneers are more affordable than a lab fabricated porcelain veneer, however they are more likely to stain and most often will be replaced more frequently than porcelain. Veneers are perfect for changing the shape and color of your teeth as well as correcting a small amount of crowding or spacing. Your dentist can do a wax up or diagnostic model of the finished product prior to preparing your teeth. This is a great way to ensure the end result is exactly what you are envisioning prior to reducing your natural tooth during the procedure.