Big hole in tooth

I have a big hole in my tooth that just takes up the middle of my tooth. I don't want to have my tooth out as I have left it for a few weeks and Its going smaller, I want to know if I can have a filling and why is it getting smaller? I don't think there's a nerve it tooth anymore. P.s: there's no pain?

Answer: Big hole in tooth

By Sarah h

Unless you have had a root canal on the tooth, then the nerve is still there, however it can be necrotic. Once tooth structure is destroyed by the acid producing bacteria in your mouth, it does not grow back. Teeth cannot regenerate. The hole may appear as if it is getting smaller from the trapping of food and plaque which will continue to fill the hole and allow the decay process to continue to progress. It is important for you to not wait until there is pain. Rather, schedule and appointment with your dentist now to restore the tooth. Waiting will put you at risk of pain and will only allow the tooth to get worse and essentially cost you more money to restore.