Are there any alternatives to tooth extraction for a toddler

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. I took my son to the dentist this morning and I'm concerned enough to get a second opinion. My 19 month old son has tooth decay and our dentist is recommending extraction for all 4 front teeth but I don't like that he did not do an x ray before deciding something so serious so quickly. Are there any other options and is this normal? My son has no pain or infection.

Answer: Alternatives to Tooth Extraction for Toddler

By Sarah h

It is always advised to seek a second professional opinion if you are feeling unsure of the recommended treatment.  Most dentists are in the industry to save teeth, not remove them.  More than likely the teeth have an extensive amount of decay and are not restorable or would have a very guarded prognosis.  Once decay reaches the nerve of a tooth, a root canal needs to be perfomed and a crown replaced.  These procedures can be very costly, especially if there is a good chance that the tooth or teeth may end up needing to be removed even after all attempts to restore the teeth have been performed.  If the nerves in the teeth are dead, there will most likely be no pain, however that could change and if an infection forms or is present it can effect the development and eruption of the permanent teeth. Overall we never want our children to be in pain or have a negative dental experience.  The patient and their well being is always placed above all else.