Abroad with permanent retainer which is coming loose, am I able to get it fixed?

I am in the USA, and have a permanent retainer on behind my teeth. I can feel one of the brackets becoming loose and i\'m worried about it coming off as im here for another few months. I don\'t want to wait till I get home because it would be irritating, slightly painful and I worry that my teeth will shift. Will the Orthodontists be able to work on me if its something as miner as this?

Answer: Loose Permanent Retainer

By Sarah h

Most orthodontists will be happy to take a look and evaluate the retainer and what needs to be done in order to re-bond it. Search for an orthodontist closest to where you are staying and explain your situation. You will more than likely be considered a cash paying patient, due to insurance restrictions when you are out of the country. Be prepared for the best situation but understand if its not a quick fix, they can assist you on what the best solution is.