Blogging About Your Braces Treatment

If you are thinking about getting braces, then you have probably done a few Google searches that have resulted in patient’s blogging about their entire treatment. Blogging has become quite the hype in the past couple years with many patients tracking their treatment weekly online. So why is blogging beneficial?

A blog is similar to a diary, except it is online and for everyone to read. Your readers can interact with you with by posting comments after each post you make. As a patient going through orthodontic treatment, a blog is a great way to track your treatment and add some excitement along the road to your new smile.

There are many free websites that offer blogging platforms for you to use. We recommend BracesReview Braces Blogs because it is simple and there are hundreds of other bloggers all in one central location. This will allow you to post your own ideas, while commenting on others.

If you prefer to have your own website, than you can simply purchase your domain name at, buy hosting at and then install the best blog platform which is WordPress. This is a great avenue to take, however there are some minor cost involved.

A blog post can be about whatever you want. If you had an adjustment, experiencing discomfort, funny story, etc. It is up to you and this is what will make your blog unique. Your readers will appreciate your honesty, sense of humor or just quirky attitude.

It is a standard to post pictures. Pictures are going to come into play when you start comparing your results within timeframes. There is nothing more exciting than actually seeing the movement from week 1 to week 8 as an example. A picture within each blogpost will go a long way. You may want to just snap a photo at each appointment

By blogging you are also in a way paying it forward. That is giving others guidance and hope that may be in a situation that is similar to yours. We have seen blogs work as great information tools for those considering orthodontics, as they are unbiased directly from the patient.

If you are thinking about getting braces than we highly recommend you journal the entire journey. Whether you do it online via blogging or in your own private diary, it is an excellent way to add joy and education to your treatment. Being interactive at your visits will help you learn more about the process and education is never harmful.