Cheap Braces

If you are looking to fix your teeth, than you are most likely shopping around for the best deal you can find on orthodontic braces. While a dentist and an orthodontist are in the business of fixing teeth, you may pay for what you get.

Orthodontist in private practice that have a reputation for outstanding work may charge quite a bit more than a franchise type practice. When shopping for braces it is important that you look at the entire treatment and not just the price. The city you are in will also be a factor in your pricing.

A good start to find a good price on braces is to start with your dental insurance. Orthodontics are usually covered to an extent under your insurance plan, however you will have to go in blindly to the orthodontists on their network.

Most patient find that being referred to an orthodontist by a friend or family member is the best way to find the doctor that meets your expectations. If you don’t have a good recommendation than we recommend you go to at least three consultations with different doctors to not only research pricing, but inform yourself of the treatment you are going to need. This is especially important if you have a more difficult case than just straightening a few teeth, such as bite issues.

While braces are not cheap, you will be able to setup payment plans with the finance department of the practice. This will allow you to spread out low payments over the term of your treatment.

The pricing of braces should include your entire treatment from start to finish including retainers. It is advised that you make sure that retainers and any appliances are included in the treatment price. This way you don’t have any unexpected cost in your treatment.

Another option to explore for affordable orthodontic treatment is to call up local dental schools that are accepting patients. The care is all under supervision of a doctor and you can receive a substantial discount on your treatment. There is usually a waiting list so we recommend that you start calling now if you have plans to get braces within the next year.

Another avenue to get cheap braces is to work for a practice. You can do front desk work handling patient appointments, finances, etc.. While this path is usually not very feasible, it is an option if you are already in the bookkeeping or front desk industry.