All About Invisible Braces For Teeth

So your thinking of getting braces and don’t want the traditional cosmetic appearance of dental metal braces. You are in luck. In today’s changing world of orthodontics, there are many alternatives to metal braces that are virtually invisible. In this article we will discuss the type of clear invisible braces available to you.

Ceramic Braces

One of the most popular and preferred types of braces by orthodontist are ceramic braces. Ceramic braces work just like traditional metal braces, but are clear and nearly invisible. The brackets are chemically bonded to the teeth and wires are used to move the teeth within the arch. Ceramic braces cost anywhere from $500 to $1000 more than metal braces over the length of the treatment. Adult patients that plan to go through orthognathic surgery, but want a clear form of orthodontics, usually go with ceramic braces as the brackets are used to band the jaw shut post surgery.

Lingual Braces

Braces that are placed behind the teeth are lingual braces. The brackets are also chemically bonded to each tooth, but on the back of the teeth to hide the appearance. This method has been made popular by Invisible Incognito™ Orthodontic Braces. You can expect to pay quite a premium for lingual orthodontics, but to many patients, the hiding the braces treatment is well worth the additional cost of the lingual braces.


While Invisalign is not really braces, it is a form of moving teeth, hence orthodontics. Using a series of trays, a patient swaps the trays generally over a period of 2 weeks to achieve straight teeth. Invisalign is one of the move invisible forms of methods to straighten teeth and the technology is improving all the time to allow for all types of cases.

There are other emerging types of invisible braces in the market today such as Damon Clear Braces, Ice Braces and others. We really like the Damon Clear Braces with the clear archwire. This is an extremely clear braces treatment and the self-litigating brackets are very effective.


If dental braces cost is an issue, than the popular clear braces may not be an option for you. Traditional metal braces, while not cosmetically appealing still have a huge share of the market and are extremely effective. In fact, metal braces while they cost less are still preferred by many orthodontists due to their durability and past results. Young adults and teenagers generally don’t have an issue with the appearance of the brackets when among peers that have the same type of treatment. Adults with careers and such generally look for the invisible treatment when they can afford it to hide the appearance in the workplace. However, most patients report that while they were apprehensive about getting the metal braces, they soon became used to the appearance as does friends and colleagues.

Orthodontic insurance coverage may vary as to what types of orthodontics are accepted in your case. If you are planning to get invisible braces, than we suggest you check with your insurance company to see exactly what type of coverage you have.