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I had OrthoSnap and not Invosalign
Rating: 5 Stars

My initial consultation was with Invisalign provider, was quoted for 6000 but later received a phone call from the dentist office and was told I needed 2 teeth to be removed and this made me sick. I don't want tp loose my healthy teeth even they are cr... (read more)

Invisalign worked great for me
Rating: 5 Stars

I got braces as an adult 14 years ago and it took about 14 months from start to finish. I had no trouble with the process and continue to wear my night retainers and no problems whatsoever of shifting of teeth. I recommend to anyone wanting a huge im... (read more)

Waste of time and money
Rating: 1 Stars

My insurance covered nothing so I had to pay $6,000 out of pocket. No one told me I had to have thee "concrete knobs' on my teeth that are hideous.These were far from being discreet. Having to constantly take the aligners out was a pain espe... (read more)

Pros2 Cons7
Rating: 3 Stars

I had traditional braces as a kid. Got Invisalign at 46 because I was looking for a new job. Pros: 1. Teeth cleaning is easy 2. Helps you lose weight because of the hassle of removing them. Cons: 1. Not invisible 2. Talking lisp (have had for 6 m... (read more)

So not worth it
Rating: 1 Stars

This is the worst crap my money ever bought. First of all of you want them to work properly you need to wear them 22 hours a day and the process of taking them out and putting them in again is a bigger pain in the a** than having something cons... (read more)

Nice, but took longer than expected.
Rating: 3 Stars

I had braces when I was a teen, but my teeth slowly moved back to the normal position over the last decade. Now in my late 20s and single, I decided to straighten my teeth again. I was originally quote $6500 for about 15 months of treatment, so ... (read more)

Complete rip off
Rating: 1 Stars

Where to start? No clear terms and conditions. Too expensive. NOT INVISIBLE!!!! Sore and long treatment. Extra cost coming along. (read more)

NO NO to Invisalign
Rating: 1 Stars

I never had a problem with my bottom teeth being a little crooked. I happened to have a different dentist check my teeth when the hygienist was done with my cleaning. First time she asked if I had thought about Invisalign - I said no. When I went agai... (read more)

Align Technology The Biggest Med Troll in Silicon Valley.
Rating: 1 Stars

Align Technology: The Biggest Med Troll in Silicon Valley. I am a software expert and have analysed and analysed the Align Technology Alignment Process. On top of that, I analysed the Aligners themselves by taking them apart in a special laboratory. M... (read more)

Wish I had used traditional braces
Rating: 2 Stars

I am at the midpoint of my Invisalign Express treatment, and my teeth are improving. My issue with Invisalign is that my dentist and the advertisements misrepresented the product. I was shocked to discover I had to have attachments put on almost all ... (read more)

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