Wisdom Tooth Extraction Swollen For 5 Days

I got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed 8 days ago. The top left of my mouth has been swollen and its been draining pus for 5 days now. There’s a white sore back there too. The neighboring molar is very sensitive to touch and aches where it keeps me up at night and sometimes the pain gets intolerable and i’ve considered going to ER. Yesterday i had my checkup with my oral surgeon. I told the nurse i had been having pus and swelling and bad pain. The surgeon came in and took a look and said I was all fine and I could go. He had me in there for maybe 2 minutes and im worried he’s missing something because this pain and the amount of pus doesn’t seem right to me and I’ve called in sick to work from it 2 days already and I just keep waiting for it to get better but it’s not. I’ve been alternating from 600mg ibuprofen and 1000mg acetaminophen every 4 hrs and icing but I dont get any relief. Can anyone give me any advice please.

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