Wisdom teeth ruined my smile, will it come back?

I recently escaped an oppressive religion and am trying to fix the things they caused. About 6 years ago my wisdom teeth started to come in, and because of the church I was forbid to go to a Dr. So they slowly came in and my once straight teeth warped becoming crowded crocked slanted and overlapping. I want to know if my wisdom teeth are removed well my teeth go back to normal? Will they shift back with no help from braces etc? It's so hard being out in general public where everyone has such perfect white smiles, I never talk or smile and just don't want to feel ashamed by my smile.

wisdom teeth ruined smile

Answer: Wisdom Teeth Orthodontic Relapse

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

Unfortunately, the crowding and orthodontic relapse you have experienced will not resolve on its own. It is best to schedule a consultation with an oral surgeon to see if the removal of your wisdom teeth is recommended. Most of the time, they are partially erupted and unable to fully erupt, creating difficulty in maintaining good oral hygiene. Once removed, you may have some shifting, however it will not shift back into the perfect white smile you are used to. There are several affordable options for Orthodontics now such as Invisalign, Six Month Smile and Smile Direct Club. Once your wisdom teeth are removed, a visit to the orthodontist will start your journey back to the perfect smile you long for.