White lesion

Hi, I have had a white spot on one of my front teeth for most of my life. All the dentists I have addressed it with say it is completely normal and is a non-issue. However, aesthetically it bothers me. I've tried to whiten the surrounding surfaces to disguise the spot, enamel restoring cream, etc. Nothing fades the spot permanently, I was just wondering what my options are for this issue.

Answer: White Lesion

By Sarah h

White spots on the enamel of teeth are termed, enamel hypoplasia or hypocalcification. These areas appear more white or chalky in color because they are less mineralized, more prone to decay. Unfortunately, whitening your teeth will not only lighten the remainder of the tooth, but these areas as well. The best option is a porcelain veneer. This is a thin porcelain covering over the facial (front) of the tooth. Due to the fact that it is cosmetic, insurance more than likely will not cover this service. Meeting with a cosmetic dentist and discussing your concerns and options to restore your teeth is recommended.