What are options for maintaining a space after an extraction?

I have a tooth that recieved a root canal about 11 years ago. This root canal has failed causing infection about 3 times. Now, while I was eating, a piece of the outer tooth broke off. I went to a dentist to have it examined and it requires extraction. Money is very tight right now and i will notake be able to replace it any time soon. I haven't had the tooth extracted yet. I was wondering if a retainer is an option for maintaining the space in my mouth or even a spacer? What are my options as far as space maintaining? The tooth is the second one from the back top right side. I do not have wisdom teeth, they never grew in.

Answer: Maintaining space after extraction

By Sarah h

Once an adult tooth is extracted and a bone graft is placed, the space must be maintained or replaced in order to prevent shifting of your other teeth. Once the tooth is removed a dental implant would be the best option. It can be placed at the same time as the extraction or after the bone graft is fully integrated. Once the dental implant is placed it take anywhere from 4-6 months before the crown can be placed on top of the dental implant. You can also have a bridge fabricated. A bridge is essentially three or more crowns that are fused together and cemented in place. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth would be prepared for crowns and used as anchor teeth for the prosthetic tooth. There is also a removable partial denture that would be essentially placed like a retainer with the missing tooth attached. It can be temporary and is much less costly than a dental implant or a bridge. You may want to discuss which option is best for you and your dental needs with your dentist prior to having the tooth removed, that way you can be prepared financially.