Questions about my Expander

Is my expander ready to come out ?? it's been in since January 29, 2016 and I stopped turning it on 3/2/16 and it is now 7/10/16. I know they stay for 4-6 months but I just want to know if it's ready to come out. maybe another month ??? an estimate would be helpful. thanks.

Answer: Palatal Expander

By Sarah h

At your next orthodontic appointment, your palatal expander will most likely be checked. Even though you stopped turning the expander in March, the bone still needs to fill in and solidify before it is safe for the expander to be removed. Each time you turn the "key" it places pressure on the maxilla creating stress, which activates the bone growth. However, the bone does not completely grow over night, thus why it takes several months after the active expansion takes place before the appliance is removed. If you were given an estimated time frame of 4-6 months, then most likely in the next month or two, it will be removed and the next phase of your orthodontics can begin.