Please help! I formed a liver clot.

Hii i have formed a liver clot on my upper mouth covering one tooth or maybe two and i dont know what i should do. Should i leave it in or take it out? Yesterday morning when i first saw it, it scared me so much that i picked it out and removed it. I then applied pressure and looked at my mouth and had another liver clot. I dont know what im suppsed to do i know its not dangerous but some say leave it in, some say take it out. Some say call your dentist some say it will eventually absorb and go away. So far its been a day and i dont know if its getting bigger. Im just really stressed out because i didnt know this could happen. I still have swelling and its my 4th day. Little to no pain though, took pencillin once after my surgery because it came to my attention that it can cause more bleeding which is what I do not need. I use salt water to rinse and take my antibiotics 4 times a day, like the dentist said. Im honeslty just so over this i want to cry because i feel like this isnt going to end. So please help.

Answer: Blood Clot Formation

By Expert 10

It is normal to have some swelling and mild discomfort. Dental surgery is sometimes taken too lightly. A piece of your mouth and essentially your maxilla is being removed when the tooth is taken out. Just like when you cut your arm or leg, it bleeds and a scab forms. A blood clot formed in the mouth is similar to a scab on the epidermis or skin. Do not disrupt the blood clot, it can create a dry socket. It will begin to heal and dissolve on its own. Continue with warm salt water rinses 2-3 times per day in order to keep the area clean of debris. The antibiotics should be taken until gone. After 7-10 days if you are still experiencing these issues, a post operative visit to your treating dentist may be in order.