Open Bite Due to Short Nightguard

Hello, Is it possible to fix an open bite caused by a short night guard that does not cover the back molars? Apparently my back molars erupted and now they are the only point of contact when I comfortably close my bite. This makes chewing difficult and tiring. Is the open bite permanent or can the back molars be “pushed” back down or otherwise adjusted to correct the bite? Thank you, John

Answer: Open Bite

By Sarah h

An open bite can be corrected with orthodontics. It is unfortunate that your molars have super erupted to a point that you are now in an open occlusion. I have never seen or heard of this happening. It would be helpful to know how long you have been wearing this night guard and how often it has been checked. It would seem that your dentist or dental hygienist would notice such a huge change in your occlusion over time. If the open bite is minimal, a complete bite adjustment may be possible as well. You need to seek an opinion from an orthodontist regarding the open bite and ask your treating dentist your options. If the night guard was delivered that way by your dentist, some ownership must be taken on the outcome you are experiencing.

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