My molar tooth has broken off and the remaining parts are hurting greatly.

About 3 or so weeks ago, one of my molars (the one on the right that\'s just in front of my top wisdom teeth) had suddenly decided to get loosened and fall out. It was weird, since the day had just started and I really didn\'t eat anything, and all I had was water. After it fell out, it left behind two small chips still heavily attached to my gums (all adult teeth are in), and left the root where the tooth grows, out in the open. The one chip in the front I don\'t really have any problem with, but the one in the back has some type of edge that makes it hurt when I eat ot drink something without a straw. Its geetting really annoying, as the gums around it are starting to get sore and I feel like if I don\'t do anything about it, i\'ll get a bad infection.. What can I do to this till I see a dentist?

Answer: Broken Off Molar Hurting

By Sarah h

The best thing to do in order to avoid an infection is to keep the area clean of debris and food. More than likely because the tooth is broken and jagged, it is serving as a trap for plaque and bacteria. When bacteria is trapped it can flourish and cause inflammation and irritation. Warm salt water rinses may help soothe the tissues after brushing and flossing. Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to have the remaining roots removed if necessary or any recommended treatment completed.