Lump near right k-9

I have a very small, hard spot on my gums, right next to my right k9. I used a Swedish tobacco called snus in the area, periodically for approximately 3-4 months. This bump has been there 1-2 weeks, is painless and does not bleed. What could this be? I also used American dip for 8 years but in my lower jaw, never upper. I have read snus has an extraordinarily low risk for oral cancer, and had been using a very short time, could it be cancer or lesion?

Answer: Lump Near Right Canine Tooth

By Sarah h

A small hard spot on the gums could indicate numerous conditions. First depending if the bump is on the cheek or the tongue side, it could be a torus or tori forming. This is simply a small bony bump, which is non-malignant. The bump will remain light pink in color and begin to show for longer than a period of 2 weeks. If the bump is bright red or a dark red colored lesion, you may want to have it checked immediately for oral cancer. Oral cancer is usually a soft tissue lesion, meaning a soft, not very hard bump. Be sure to keep track of the size, texture and shape as well. It could also be a bacterial infection or an abscess. A bacterial infection will go away quickly, where an abscess will continue to get worse or pain and swelling can develop. An abscess can spread to the surrounding teeth and even your bloodstream. Cysts, traumatic injuries and canker sores are also possible causes of a lump or mass on the gums. Traumatic injuries and canker sores being most common. With all these possibilities it is best to schedule an appointment to have your dentist to examine the area. He/she will be able to biopsy if needed and refer you to the oral surgeon if cancer or a cyst is suspected.