Is this a dry socket, something else, or normal?

I have had little to no pain, no bleeding, no trouble eating or talking. Had wisdom teeth removed on Monday, all pain was gone by the next day. I was eating normally, following instructions I was given, and have followed the healing process of it all. The past two days I have noticed this, it looks yellow with brown spots of some type. Do salt water rinses, and was given a mouth wash that kills bacteria. Is this a dry socket ? I was told no, because no pain but not sure this looks normal.

Dry socket in mouth

Answer: Healing After Extraction

By Sarah h

Looking at the picture submitted, healing appears to be within normal limits. Just as any other area in the body, when an abrasion or cut is made, a scab forms. A similar situation occurs in the mouth when a tooth is extracted. Continue with warm salt water rinses and be sure not to eat anything too hard or crunchy in order to avoid disrupting the healing process.