Is Smile Direct Club a good alternative to invisalign and can it cause TMJ issues?

I had braces about 10 years ago and of course never wore my retainers so my teeth have rotated back. I cannot afford Invisalign and have found Smile Direct club as an alternative. I have read many good reviews and it seems as though the process is the same as Invisalign--I am just concerned about TMJ issues that may arise. It is not particularly painful but I used to grind my teeth and experience some clicking in my jaw when eating particularly tough foods.

Answer: Smile Direct Club

By Expert 10

Smile Direct Club is very similar to Invisalign as far as the trays. It sounds like it is an ideal choice for your situation. They offer individualized treatment from the comfort of your own home, so its more affordable. They even offer a payment program which allows you to pay monthly for 24 hours. If you visit their website, you can answer a few short questions to determine if you are a candidate. Once accepted as a candidate you are ready to begin treatment. An at home starter kit can be mailed to you and you will be on your way to a straight, healthy smile. When your teeth are in alignment, the grinding you are experiencing may subside. Many times orthodontic treatment can alleviate the unnecessary forces on the temporomandibular joint, because the teeth are in proper alignment.